? International Conference on Advancements in Computational Sciences

International Conference on Advancements in Computational Sciences

19-21 February 2018, Lahore Pakistan

Accepted Paper

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Paper Title

Haya Majid Qureshi and Maliha Qureshi

Ontology Based Syndrome Diagnostic System

Ansif Arooj, Malik Naeem Akram and Mohsin Riaz

Evaluation of Predictive Data Mining Algorithms in Soil Data Classification for Optimized Crop Recommendation

Ali Husnain, Rida Zahra, Ghazanfar Hussain and Saira Moin

Measuring Authorship Legitimacy By Statistical Linguistic Modelling

Junaid Aziz and Vladimir Mahalec

NOPT Site: An online Workbench for Modeling and Optimization of Diverse Networks

Sania Bhatti, Amirita Dewani, Tahseen Hafiz, Pashmeena Noor and Mahnoor Gul Memon

Management of Non-Behavioral tasks via Auto Reminder and Notifier

Taimur Bakhshi

Securing Wireless Software Defined Networks: Appraising Threats, Defenses & Research Challenges

Zishan Hussain Chuhan, Nadeem Akhtar and Ibrar Hussain

Compliance of Problem & Modification Analysis Phase of ISO/IEC 14764 : An Industrial Survey

Rida Zahra, Nawal Irum and Shehreena Zafar

Web Content Readability Evaluation Using Fuzzy Logic

Ijaz Ahmed, Ayesha Sadiq, Muhammad Atif, Mudassir Naseer, Muhammad Adnan

Voice Morphing: An Illusion or Reality

Safia Gul, Sana H. Jokhio and Imran A. Jokhio

Light-weight Depth-based Routing for Underwater Wireless Sensor Network

Umar Draz, Tariq Ali, Sana Yasin, Noman Naseer and Umair Waqas

A Parametric Performance Evaluation of SMDBRP and AEDGRP Routing Protocols in Underwater Wireless Sensor Network for Data Transmission

Asma Larik and Sajjad Haider

A Survey of Nature Inspired Optimization Algorithms Applied to Cooperative Strategies in Robot Soccer

Khalid Mahmmood Awan, Ahmad Ali, Kashif Naseer Qureshi and Fahran Adil

Energy Efficient Cluster Based Routing Algorithm for Wireless Sensors Networks

Awais Gouhar and Arshad Ali

Reduce Power Consumption in Servers Infrastructure under backup and availability constraints

Muhammad Waseem Iqbal, Khuram Shahzad, Nadeem Ahmad, Alessia Amelio and Darko Brodic

Adaptive Interface for Color-blind People in Mobilephones

Sana Urooj, Irum Feroz and Nadeem Ahmad

Systematic Literature Review on User Interfaces of Autonomous Cars: Liabilities and Responsibilities

Yasir Hussain and Ghulam Rasool

A Taxonomy of Mobile Games Based on Structural Similarity

Muhammad Noman, Touseef Tahir and Ghulam Rasool

A Systematic Mapping Study on Success Factors of Implementing Measurement Processes in SMEs

Hafiz Ali Hamza Gondal, Sajida Fayyaz, Saira Moin U Din, Muhammad Dahir Zeb and Beenish Nadeem

Preeminent Risk Factor Affecting Software Development

Hafiz Mahfooz Ul Haque and Sajid Ullah Khan

A Context-aware Reasoning Framework for Heterogeneous Systems

Zara Nasar and Syed Waqar Ul Qounain Jaffry

Trust-based Situation Awareness: Agent-Based versus Population-Based Modeling - A Comparative Study

Sheraz Ali Khan, Alexander Prosvirin and Jong-Myon Kim

Towards Bearing Health Prognosis using Generative Adversarial Networks: Modeling Bearing Degradation

Ijaz Ahmed, Nestor Catano

Checking JML-Encoded Finite State Machine Properties

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