About the Conference

The Role of Communications in Socio-Economic Development of a Society

Pakistan is presently undergoing a very rapid development in all spheres of life. It is being envisaged that by 2050, Pakistan will be included in top 20 economies of the world. Likewise, the country has also witnessed a tremendous social growth in recent years, and it continues to do more to cater for the social and environmental needs of its citizens. Information and communications technologies have played a deep role in strengthening and uplifting the socio-economic stature of the country. Hence, in line with these observations, we propose to set "The Role of Communications in Socio-Economic Development of a Society" as the theme of the symposium.

Wireless communications has ushered in a revolution in our daily lives. From apparently trivial domestic applications to some of the most sophisticated financial transactions, wireless communications has played the role of a key enabling technique. With close to 135 million mobile phone users including more than 30 million broadband subscribers, Pakistan represents one of the most rapidly developing wireless consumer markets in the world. ISWSN’17 is conceived as a devoted platform where local key players productively interact with the global wireless community. Spanning four days, the ISWSN’17 will include tutorial sessions, technical presentations, keynote speeches from both domestic and international research and industry leaders, and a sightseeing tour of the historically rich city of Lahore.

Brief History

The first ever ISWSN event took place at the King Fahd University of Petroleum and Minerals (KFUPM), Dhahran, Saudi Arabia in March 2003. The symposium attracted more than 200 submissions from several different countries. The second ISWSN was held in Bahrain in 2005. The organizational activities of both installments of the ISWSN were led by Dr. Asrar ul Haq Sheikh (Life Fellow IEEE, FIET and currently the Rector of the University of Lahore), then a Bugshan/Bell Labs Chair Professor of Electrical Engineering at the KFUPM.

About Lahore

Location of Lahore City is bounded on the North and West by Sheikhupura district, on the east by India and on the south Kasur district River Ravi flows on the northern side of Lahore. Total land area of the city is 404 sq. Km. Altitude of the city lies between 31-15 and 31-45 North latitudes and 74-01 and 74-39 East longitude.

For more information about the city of Lahore, please visit: www.punjab.gov.pk/lahore