Topic: Research and Research Methods: Wireless Communications, Cognitive Radio, and Machine Learning and Deep Learning

Presenter: Dr. Yu-Dong Yao, Fellow IEEE, Professor, Stevens Institute of Technology, Hoboken, New Jersey, USA

This is an interactive tutorial/presentation session. We will cover the following topics.

(1) Overview of wireless communications and cognitive radio;

(2) Advances and research issues in wireless communications and cognitive radio;

(3) AI/machine learning/deep learning and their applications in wireless communications and cognitive radio;

(4) Planning and advancing your careers: Goals, strategies, and actions;

(5) Research publications and impact;

(6) Exploration of research collaborations.

NOTE: For registration of the tutorial please visit http://sites.uol.edu.pk/iswsn17/registration.html and follow the instructions given on this page. Please send a scanned copy of the deposit slip to: syed.ashfaq@ee.uol.edu.pk, muhammad.nasir@ee.uol.edu.pk and fainan.hanif@ee.uol.edu.pk